Baldur's Gate III: Shadowheart - Smartphone 60 Fps

12-28-2023 43
Baldur's Gate III: Shadowheart - Smartphone 60 Fps



Featuring : Katrina Colt

In this Video (Tags) : VR, Blowjob, Videogame, Babe,
Small Tits, Fucking, Facial, Doggystyle, Brunette, Virtual Reality

Description :
The Absolute has bound you and Shadowheart deeply, and there's nothing that binds
you more strongly than your ongoing fight for survival against the Mind Flayers.
With the artefact in her possession there's still hope for you both, but your
shared situation is precarious, and you never know when everything might change
forever. Shadowheart's secret order means she keeps many secrets and doesn't know
much about her past, but tonight she's going to open up to you... It's time to
join together and make your union bodily, not just of mind. You must have maxxed
out charisma or rolled a 20 because this smoldering hot High Half-Elf babe is all
over you tonight.

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Resolution : 1920x960
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