Mortal Kombat: Mileena - Oculus 8K UHD

01-03-2024 50
Mortal Kombat: Mileena - Oculus 8K UHD



Featuring : Queenie Sateen

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Description :
In Mortal Kombat: Mileena (A Porn Parody), every single one of you will get to become
the world-famous Johny Cage – while our VR porn star with big tits will play the character
of the sexy and incredibly dangerous Mileena. This grotesque clone of Kitana and princess
of the kingdom of Edenia will come to you after the fight and ask for your help. Baraka
poisoned her, so now she has those hideous teeth, and she knows that you have a cure that
could help her with her current state.
Even though it looks like one extensive attempt at manipulating you, you'll give her the
medicine that could help her, explaining that using it does, however, carry some consequences.
It turns out that the cure will only work if she has your DNA in her – and otherwise, it will
kill her. Moreover, as soon as this Latina VR porn model finds out that you've already
banged her sister, Kitana, she'll want to prove that she's better than her.

File Name : Mortal Kombat Mileena - Oculus 8K UHD.mp4
Runtime : 00:48:17
File Size : 19.79 GB
Resolution : 8192x4096
Audio Codec : AAC
Video Codec : HEVC
Format: mp4

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